Cost Effectively Secure
Your Freedom to Operate

Defensive publishing is the intentional and purposeful publication of innovation into the public domain. It is a cost-effective intellectual property strategy consisting of disclosing aspects of your invention so it becomes prior art, precluding others from obtaining a patent on your idea.

Published technical disclosures, used in conjunction with patents, strengthen an IP portfolio and protect your company’s freedom to operate.

Publish or Patent?

The strategy of defensive publishing is most commonly used to save the cost of a full
patent application. If it appears unlikely that the innovation can itself be used to secure
market advantage, and recoup the cost of patenting through licensing, sale, or direct exploitation;
defensive publication may be the better commercial option. For a few hundred
dollars you can effectively:

Secure freedom to operate

Block a competitor’s patent from issuing

Reduce unnecessary prosecution and filing expenses

Preclude others from “picket-fencing” around your foundational patents

Why Publish with

Largest Database

Our Prior Art Database is the first and largest online prior art disclosure service. You won’t find more information with any other service.

Publicly Available

Searchable by examiners, inventors, attorneys, R&D and university personnel, it provides technical disclosures to patent offices around the world.


The Prior Art Database is a multilingual source of unique documents for IP professionals, attorneys, patent examiners, researchers, university librarians, and more.

When the cost of patenting outweighs the benefits afforded from patent rights, you
should consider publishing technical disclosures with

What Should I Publish?

Disclose and protect your non-core, non-commercial, and operational innovations as
prior art. Then, you can:

Freely practice technology enhancements

Reduce overall infringement risk

Defend against assertion of overly broad patents

Strengthen foundational patents in your portfolio