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intellectual property tools in the industry was founded with the goal of making big data cognitive computing and semantic analytics broadly accessible, to enable organizations to discover hidden insights and rapidly evaluate the commercial potential of their intellectual property. Our powerful semantic and precision search tool, InnovationQ, rapidly sifts through big data to quickly and efficiently pinpoint relevant patents, applications, and technical non-patent literature. The results allow organizations to understand competitive intelligence, patentability, and freedom-to-operate, which enables critical business decisions. Our Prior Art Database is the first and largest on-line prior art disclosure service. It is searchable by examiners, inventors, attorneys, R&D and university personnel worldwide, and it provides technical disclosures to patent offices around the world. Our Professional Services team is skilled in advanced search technologies, classification searching, and industry-specific terminology. Working with our team reduces the time it takes you to perform accurate search analyses, and provides you with results that are personalized and actionable. And, our powerful suite of analytic tools provides insights that drive innovation.

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Looking for Semantic and Precision Search Software?’s InnovationQ Semantic and Precision Search software technology allows you to find valuable content that is buried in complex patent and technical documents delivering more comprehensive and accurate results than a simple keyword search.

Evaluating a New Idea for Patentability?

Are you a patent attorney writing claims for a patent? A business manager or inventor trying to assess ideas in a new product?’s Professional Search services can help you research your idea, know the novelty loopholes, and understand your risk.

Assessing Your Patent Portfolio?

More than ever before, company executives, in-house counsel and outside counsel are asking: What are the competitive strengths and weaknesses of our patent portfolio? We have answers.

Looking to Defensively Publish?’s Prior Art Database is the world’s first and largest prior art disclosure service.

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InnovationQ combines the power of semantic and precision search with a global patent database and critical
non-patent literature to provide a unique IP discovery
and analytics solution.

InnovationQ allows users to search for patent and non-patent documents quickly and efficiently. Simply use a short phrase, a paragraph, or even an entire document so queries can be done by anyone in your organization. Take advantage of our advanced concept modifiers and filters to have precision control over your query.

Insight Reports

Our Insight Reports are the industry’s most significant and comprehensive analytic
evaluation tools that provide information on either a patent or an invention being evaluated.

Patent Factor Index Report

For decision makers and IP managers looking to identify high and low quality assets

The PFI report is a repeatable analytic process that evaluates the merit of a U.S. patent. The report provides information on patent strength and quality. All of the metrics have been validated against patent renewal and litigation data as predictors of patent value. This report can be used as part of your patent review process to determine if you should renew a patent or not.

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Technology Vitality Index Report

For R&D teams deciding to pursue an invention or move onto other opportunities

The report is derived from a description of a technology, not a patent number, and provides a rapid micro-landscape of the competitive environment. Purchase this report prior to filing for a patent application to shed light, at a very early stage, on the quality of the invention that has been submitted. Is the technology differentiated? Is it novel in comparison to the other technologies that have been published? Does it have utility?

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Defensive Publishing

A Cost-Effective Intellectual Property Strategy

Defensive publication is a powerful preemptive disclosure that prevents other parties from obtaining a
patent on your ideas. Defensive publications, which are endorsed by the USPTO as an IP rights management tool, are documents that provide descriptions and artwork of a product or idea so that it enters the public domain and becomes prior art. publishes disclosures daily in our Prior Art Database, the first and largest online disclosure service. Disclosures are sent to patent authorities worldwide as well as published in the weekly Journal.

Publishing Disclosures

  • Reduce Patent Expenditures – Defensive publishing saves the cost of a full patent application
  • Decrease Infringement Risk – There is nothing stopping others from ‘unpublished’ innovations
  • Secure Freedom to Operate – Publish to block others from being able to patent your ideas
  • Global Exposure – Once published, your invention is supplied to patent offices worldwide

Searching Disclosures

  • U.S. Patent examiners have unlimited access to our Prior Art Database; additionally the European Patent Office and numerous Asian patent authorities are provided a copy of all publications
  • Continuity Checker – We expose our database to web search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, at all times
  • Subscribers get free downloads; downloads are $40 each for non-subscribers. Multiple document discounts are available

US-Based Professional Services

Patentability Searches
Identify prior art to support patent prosecution

Our search professionals use Patentability Search to help you discover and identify all art that is published prior to an invention, along with documentation with citations and excerpts from all references found.

Freedom to Operate
Identify obstacles to product commercialization

Our Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search helps identify in-force patents or published patent applications with claims that cover the technology, process, or product you are targeting.

Discover important prior art to support litigation’s Patent Validity Search uncovers patents or other prior art, published before the earliest priority date of the target patent, which might render a granted patent invalid. ) We deliver a full validity/invalidity search report, a claims-mapping chart, and electronic copies of any cited prior art.

Get a good look at IP opportunities

Our team can design a Patent Landscape report that provides executives, technologists, and investors with IP business intelligence about how, and to what extent, your competitors are protecting their innovations in critical areas of technology. provides the most powerful suite of intellectual property
tools that provide insights that drive innovation.

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